Reflection Group
With Rev. Keith Gorley

2nd and 4th Sundays, 3-4:30 pm
City Council Ward 6 Office

East Room
3202 E. 1st St. Tucson, AZ 85716
Drop-ins welcome; no pre-registration necessary; donation based.

Keith facilitates a sharing model whereby each person is given time to reflect aloud on their lives with regard to their own growth in a context of compassionate listening.

Small Groups Offered by Sacred Space

Starting February 03, 2019

Women's Circle
With Krysta Kavenaugh

3rd Sundays 5:45 pm after Sacred Space

City Council Ward 6 office

East Room

3202 E. 1st St. Tucson, AZ 85716

and 2nd Tuesday 10-12 AND 4th Tuesday 6-8 pm in NW Tucson, AZ.

Please contact Krysta for directions to the Tuesday gatherings:
or call 612-722-8066. Drop-ins welcome.
City Council Ward 6 Office East Room

As you are: “good”, “bad”, indifferent; vibrant, exhausted, blah…
Your authentic self is welcome here. You’re perfect just the way you are.

Having experienced being fully seen, heard, received, thus feeling connected, refreshed and enriched.

What it is:
An oasis in the midst of every day life.

What you do:
Share your authentic self (as much as you’re willing), listen with your heart, breathe in Love, receive it, then share it with the group — including yourself.

The content…
 1. A process called “Awesome Women” In just three minutes, we are seen, appreciated, acknowledged. It’s a chance to be refreshingly truthful, to receive loving feedback, to once again stand in our own power.

2. A sweet yet potent process evolved from Kything (an ancient form of prayer), a spiritual version of Master Mind, and Miracle Circles (from Year of Miracles) that allows us to ask for what we want in our lives, open our souls to the possibilities of Life, and to receive fully.

Wisdom Groups  ​

For those who want to explore a particular wisdom tradition further, please go to our Partner page here to connect with a local group that meets weekly for study and practice.

Coaching and Spiritual Direction
are offered through Teresa Cowan Jones, M.Div.
on a sliding scale basis.
To schedule an in-person or 
​phone/Skype/Facetime session
or for more info visit

Care of the Soul

With Dr. John Dore

2nd and 4th Sundays from 4:15 to 6 pm

for renewing the best of the human spirit
A call to community — sponsored by Sacred Space
“We have lost touch with the wisdom of our soul,” claims Thomas
Moore in his book, Care of the Soul. “When soul is neglected, it
appears symptomatically in obsessions, addictions, violence and
loss of meaning.” He does not define soul beforehand, but offers
guidance to discover it in ourselves. “Definition is an intellectual
enterprise; but the soul prefers to imagine….we know intuitively
that soul has to do with genuineness and depth, as in ‘music has
soul’ or a remarkable person is ‘soulful’ Soul is revealed in
attachment, love and community”, often in dark places I’d add.
“By caring for the soul we find relief from our distress and
discover deep satisfaction and pleasure.” In Moore’s approach we
find that soul “accepts our human foibles, and it sees dignity and
peace as emerging more from that acceptance than from any
method of transcending the human condition.” His book is a
“guide offering a philosophy of soulful living and techniques for
dealing with everyday problems without striving for perfection or
This kind of spiritual life is “absolutely necessary for psychological
health.”  But this path is neither religion nor psychology, but a
subtle integration of the two, using wisdom from our experience
and a deep sense of the humor that often ‘saves’ us. “The gifts of
the soul are: fulfilling work, rewarding relationships, personal
power, and relief from symptoms. We can’t just ‘think’ ourselves
through them, because thinking itself is part of the problem.”
Register by emailing John at

or call (520) 906-1768