February 18 Dr. Julian Kunnie
​​​Protecting and Defending Mother Earth and All of Creation: Nature in Us and Us in Nature

Live Music by Anton Shekerdzhiev

February 11 ​Dances of Universal Peace
Live Music by Caroline Regano

February 4 Diane Call
​An Invitation to Our Sublime Identity
​Live Music by Michelle Angel -- Gong Temple

January 28 Peter Woods and Greg Yoder
Wisdom in the Face of Adversity
​Live Music by Peter Woods and Greg Yoder

January 21 Pam Hale Trachta
Spiritual Activism
Live Music by Steve Kozachik

January 14 Michael Pellegrino

The Foundation of Spiritual Practice:

A Model of the Progressive Path

Live Music by Kasey Ackerley

January 7 Dr. Sanjay Manchanda

Dimensions of the Open Heart

Live Music by Rudy Cortese and Vasanta Weiss

December 17 
Diane Call
Solstice Celebration: The Turning Tide
Live Music by Dr. Renee Bond

December 10
 Dr. Mark Holdaway
The Joy of Music: Connection
Music by Andrea Eckardt

December 3 Megha Grace Morganfield
Exploring One of the Oldest Religions on Earth

Live Music by Megha Grace Morganfield

November 26 Maria Luisa Ruiz Luna
WellWays: Self Compassion & Your Individual Nature
Special Performance by puppeteer Gabriela 

November 19 Rev. Rosanne Crago

Knowing Yourself by Going Within
Live Music by Sydney Woods

November 12 Deena Stewart-Hitzke
Transforming Perspectives Through Courageous Conversations
Live Music by Anton Shekerdzhiev

November 5 Caroline Ragano


Live music by Caroline Ragano

October 29 Brian Flagg
Spirituality of Homelessness
Live Music by Renee Bond 

October 22 John Dore
Spiritual Alchemy: Transferring Ego-Self to Soul
Live Music by Miguel Molina

October 15 Martha Boose
Walking the Medicine Wheel with Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow 
Live Music by Liisa Reid

October 8 David Bornstein

Insight Meditation as Spiritual Practice

Live music by Megha Grace Morganfield

October 1 Dr. Rebecca Ocean

Awakening from the Trauma Trap:

Embracing your unmet needs as a rite of passage to psycho-spiritual maturity

Live music by Anton Shekerdzhiev

September 24 Miguel Molina

Music, Spirituality, and Cosmic Vision in the Andes

Live music by Caroline Ragano

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