The Sunday Gathering

Sacred Space in Tucson is a weekly gathering for live music, inspiration from the world's spiritual traditions, and community connection. We meet on Sunday afternoons at 4:10 pm in the Community Room at Tucson City Council Ward 6, located at 3202 E 1st Street (one block south of Speedway, one block east of Country Club). 

Bands and teachers vary each week at this free and open non-faith and interfaith event for those who want to slow down, need a relaxed place for renewal, and who are curious about wisdom traditions but may not resonate with organized religion. Coupling contemplative wisdom with research-based practices, Sacred Space in Tucson is a gathering for those who seek to live a meaningful life. In addition to the weekly gathering, Sacred Space offers coaching, small groups and classes, all with the aim of bringing together inner resources to drive social change.

What happens at a gathering:

Live music by local musicians 
Welcoming words
​Wisdom story and practice
one practice will be taught and brieflypracticed
Music sit
Compassionate listening
Closing reading
participants are welcome 
to bring / lead future closing readings

As you can see from the schedule, with a different speaker and live musician every week, each gathering is radically different!

Your feedback is welcome. 

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​​May 28  Brad Stroup
Does Compassion Come From Listening?

Nothing in nature is silent. What we hear is what registers in our eardrums. It is automatic, immediate, unavoidable, like a bell rung. We are engulfed in sounds even when no bell rings. Our challenge is to recognize the difference between hearing and listening.
What we listen to is what we are aware of. It is intentional and comes from our own consciousness. But our awareness is a container that can grow in size and depth. To listen to what is really going on beyond what is obvious takes practice. It's like finding that everything glitters is not gold. Growing awareness is a meditation in itself that can result in compassionate action.
We will use the Buddhist "Great Vows For All" prayer as a device to listen deeply to find compassion contained in several specific cases assigned to us. Each case will challenge us to listen deeply outside our own boxes to find compassionate action. Through such deep listening with open hearts and minds, we may find ways to act.

Live music by Mitzi Cowell  

June 4  Tom Saint John
Who We Are and Why: A Rosicrucian Perspective

Live Music by Miguel Molina

June 11 Kelsang Lingpur

One of the few certainties in life is death!

Live music by Marla Holdaway